About Us

About Us

Visage de Bebe is a skin care company who’s primary interest is in anti-aging skincare products. Our products use only the safest, most effective ingredients available. The same ingredients that you see in many of the most expensive skin care lines on the market today.

Visage de Bebe’s goal is to provide amazing products at affordable prices. We are a boutique skincare company and sell only products that have been tested safe, and show results.

As the Visage de Bebe’s skincare line grows it will consist of products we have tested and personally used. However, we also have an extensive group of testers who review and utilize our products on a daily basis, and provide constructive feedback on every aspect. No product goes to market until it’s safe, proven, and therefore ready!

Visage de Bebe Inc. was officially launched in 2011, but it had been in the works for a number of years. Where it really began was with a group of girls talking about skin and aging over a bottle of wine. We were in our 30’s at the time and just starting to get serious about it.

One of our founders had a dermatologist who was recommending Vitamin C Serum to get rid of the crepe looking skin that was forming under her eyes. She had results but at $130.00 for a 30ml bottle; it was expensive so she used it sparingly.

Then, after watching an Oprah episode with Dr Oz talking about aging and skincare and how Vitamin A, C, and E are the best products for anit-aging, and to not get “suckered” into buying expensive skin care products, the research began.

Our extensive, exhaustive research eventually became the start of Visage de Bebe. The rest is history in the making.