Dr. Oz’s Beauty Book

Besides using a sunscreen that is right for your needs, Dr. Oz says there are three other things you need to do to make sure your skin is beautiful.

The first key is making sure you get plenty of vitamins A, C and E—through diet and nutrient-rich creams. “Those are the key antioxidant vitamins. But they’re also important, especially vitamin A, because they block some of the bad things happening underneath,” he says. “And they help rejuvenate—turn on cells that make more collagen, make more elastin—to give you that bounciness that you want.”

This is where it all began for me, I realized I was spending too much on my skincare products and not yielding the results that were advertised. After much research and testing I started using this Serum C and I’ve never looked back.”
» Wendy McLennan
Co-Founder – Visage de Bebe Inc
Dr. Evans says vitamin A is especially important for healthy skin. “It can make real transitions in the beginning. In fact, some of the damage you’ve already done—it can turn back the clock,” she says. “You see it in retinol forms. Pretty much anything like a retinyl or retinoic acid or retin is a form of vitamin A.”

Skin products don’t have to be expensive, Dr. Oz says Don’t go for the marketing blitz,” he says. “If there’s retin in it, it has a vitamin A compound that we like. ‘Ascorbic acid’ is the word for vitamin C, and ‘tocopherol’ is the word for vitamin E. Those are the key ingredients to nourish your skin.”

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