How Do I Use Visage de Bebe – Serum C?

Use it twice daily and apply it to a clean face. Just after washing your face in the morning and evening is best. Gently shake the bottle a few times and squeeze some liquid into the dropper. The amount that comes into the dropper is enough to cover your face. Drop the Serum C into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together lightly and then apply to the face avoiding the eyes.

How Do I Activate the Serum C?

Your product comes with an Amber Bottle and Clear Vile containing the active ingredient. Using a funnel add the Clear Vile contents into the Amber Bottle and replace the black cap with the dropper. Gently shake the Amber Bottle until it’s completely dissolved. You want the entire active ingredient to be dissolved before using so allow some time for this.

What about the Rest of my Skin Care Products.

Visage de Bebe – Serum C should be applied first to a clean face, wait a few seconds and then continue with the rest of your daytime or night time skincare regime. Generally speaking the order of products is as follows: Wash/Cleanse, Toner, Serums, Creams.

Can I put the Serum on other parts of my body?

Absolutely, and it’s encouraged. You will have great results on all areas of the body. We suggest trying the neck and décolleté, back of the hands and arms.

I had a tingling sensation on my face after I used the serum.

That is normal. It often goes away after using it for a while, but many people continue to feel it always (Note: If it bothers you too much add some filtered water to the Amber Bottle.).

Can my skin react negatively to this product?

Very few people have reactions – it’s recommended that you apply some of the serum to another area of your body as a test. If you have a reaction it may be too strong for you. In this case we recommend you add up to 1 tsp of filtered water to the Amber Bottle. Once your skin becomes used to it you will be able to use the full concentration.

I don’t like products with a fragrance.

There should be little to no smell to the Visage de Bebe Serum C. We do not add any fragrance to the product.

What if I have sensitive skin?

Unfortunately some people may not be able to use Serum C because of it’s high acidity.

Is there a shelf life on the product?

Before mixing the product it will last up to a year; After Activation it will last 30-45 days. Oxidization occurs more quickly when the Amber Bottle is subjected to sunlight and warmth. It is recommended that you keep your Serum C in a cool, dry place.

I have used other Vitamin C Serums and products that were orange or yellow.

Vitamin C products should not be yellow, orange or brown, if they are it means oxidization has occurred and it is no longer effective. When you first activate Visage de Bebe – Serum C it will be clear with no color and throughout the 30-45 days it should remain clear. Once it starts to turn yellow or orange you should discontinue and activate your next Serum C. If you are using it 1-2 times a day this will never happen (unless it’s in the sun or a warm place). If you have any Vitamin C products at home that are yellow, orange or brown we recommend you discontinue use.

The amber bottle wasn’t full when I opened the package.

Don’t worry, it’s not supposed to be. There needs to be room for you to add the active ingredient and then mix it. You will need to shake the bottle each time before using it therefore we’ve allowed room for this.

How do I get the powder into the Amber Bottle?

We suggest using a small funnel so you don’t lose any.

Can my husband use your product?

Absolutely! Men and women alike can use it. We have more and more men requesting it every day.

How Quickly can I get Visage de Bebe products?

During the checkout process in our storefront you will be presented with various shipping methods depending on your destination and this will impact shipping times however, we ship 1 – 3 days from the time your order is placed. Read more in our Shipping & Returns section.

Can you Ship to the USA or other Counties?

Yes – Shipping will vary depending on where you want your product shipped. Shipping will automatically be calculated during the checkout process in our store and you will also be able to select from various shipping options depending on your destination.