Layering your Skin Care Products

We are often asked “What is the proper way to layer or apply skincare products?”  Below is what we, as well as leading skincare specialists recommend for optimal benefits of your anti-aging products.

Always start with a freshly washed or cleansed face and then apply in this order:

  1. Lighter serum / non-oil based serums  (wait 30-60 seconds)  — Visage de Bebe Serum C —
  2. Heavier serum / oil based serums (wait 30-60 seconds)            Visage de Bebe Collagen Serum
  3. Daytime or night time cream (wait 30-60 seconds)
  4. Sunscreen during the day

Visage de Bebe Serum C falls in Step 1  and Visage de Bebe Collagen Serum falls in Step 2.   If you are using other products  the general rule of thumb is to move from the lightest weight product to the heaviest.   If you can spare the time, it’s best to give a few seconds between each application, this allows the serum to move as far down as possible.

Serum Fact:  People often ask – ‘Can’t I just buy one product and get it all’?  Well, the short answer is NO!  Because our skin is made up of layers (Epidermis, Dermis, Hypodermis) some products penetrate deeper than others.  The light, often water-like consistency of serums enables them to travel deeper into the skin.  Applying a serum to a clean face allows the product to penetrate deep into the dermis layer where you will get the most benefit.  The dermis layer contains collagen fibers and vascular tissue and together they give your face elasticity and a full, youthful look.  Each subsequent product will sit closer to the surface of the skin.

Fun to Try if you have time:  If you have a steam shower or do home facials with steam try this – apply your vitamim c serum to a clean face and step in your steam shower.  This will allow the pores to open and the serum to travel deeper.

Add to your Routine Now:  Add a humidifier to your bedroom to allow the moisture to work all night.  Many people report the added humidity smoothed out fine lines and wrinkles.   Air-O-Swiss makes a travel humidifer that works perfectly for this – anytime, anywhere!

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Need More Convincing?

Since  moving  to Calgary 6 years ago I’ve had problems keeping my skin feeling hydrated.   After  using Visage de Bebe Serum C twice daily my skin has never felt better and it looks great too!  Thanks for introducing this wonderful product to me, I now can’t live without it!

Amber – Calgary – Dental Sales Rep – 30’s
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