Our Team

Our Team

Visage de Bebe has a great team of professionals who tend to the day-to-day operations. Here are is a closer look at our management team.

Co-Founder / President: Bobbie-Jo Van Ruskenveld

I have always taken a special interest in looking and feeling my best so when my best friend Wendy told me about the vitamin C serum that she made; I immediately wanted to try it. I loved the serum immediately and started to receive compliments on my skin and how much I “glowed”. I noticed that my skin tone had evened out and that I didn’t experience dry skin any longer.

Wendy was making the product for several friends and it didn’t take long to realize that we had an amazing product in the works. After a few brainstorming sessions Wendy and I came up with the name Visage de Bebe which means baby face. We did some fine tuning and launched Visage de Bebe in 2011.

It is important to me to produce a product that has amazing benefits to our clients at a price that won’t break the bank. I love the fact that we deliver a product to our clients that is activated when the customer is ready to use therefore being the freshest and most activate Vitamin C that you can use.

bobbie-jo van ruskenveld

I live in a place of gratitude and I feel truly blessed that Wendy and I are able to share our unique product with the faces of the world. We look forward to expanding our line in the near future and are grateful for your support.

Co-Founder / Consultant: Wendy McLennan

It was 2008 and it had been a number of years that I had been concerned about getting older and I was noticing that aging was happening right before my very eyes – most evident were the fine lines that were appearing and my skin was looking dull. My once vibrant complexion was no longer staring back at me in the mirror and I felt like I had lost the glow of youth! So I started trying all kinds of products including a Vitamin C Serum in the hopes of regaining this youthfulness and of course most of these with a fairly hefty price tag – the Vitamin C Serum I was using was $130 and I would use it so sparingly that it would be orange and oxidized before ever finishing it. Around this time I happened to be watching an episode of Oprah and Dr. Oz was saying that there are only a few items really needed to keep your skin young and healthy: Vitamin A, C & E.

From there I decided to do some research and found that with a bit of time and effort I could make my own Vitamin C Serum, so within a few weeks I had mixed my first batch of Vitamin C Serum. And within days of that I had friends and clients saying how great my face looked. It was from these comments that I knew I had found something special. I wanted to pass on this secret to all of my friends and family so I gave each of them a sample bottle along with the recipe. After a number of months I checked back and it was only Bobbie Jo that was actually taking the time to mix the product faithfully. At that point we were making a new batch almost weekly, so you can imagine how time consuming it was. The others had used the initial bottle, loved it, but for the most part had never mixed another again – it was just too much time out of their busy days. Bobbie Jo and I discussed this at length and after years of talk and planning we finally launched Visage de Bebe in November 2011.

wendy mcclennan

It’s been almost 4 years since I started using the Vitamin C Serum and I know it’s what is keeping my skins looking so great. The odd time when I do run out I give myself a few days without using it just to see if it really does make a difference and it’s not my imagination; and it’s literally within days that I feel lost without it.

What does the future hold for Visage de Bebe? Our mandate is to bring fantastic products to the market at affordable prices so that everyone can enjoy youthful skin. We are currently working on a few new products to further our line which we hope to launch in the year ahead.