Over the years we have provided incredible results for countless clients. Here are what some of those clients have to say about Visage de Bebe.

After using Visage de Bebe Serum C for only a few days I noticed a difference – my face was glowing and radiant. My friends and fellow actors have even commented on my skin. I love VdeB Serum C!!
» Leanne, Edmonton, 20’s, Actor

I have been living with Rocasea since my late 20’s and I’ve tried so many products to try and help my situation. After using Serum C I immediately noticed that my face and neck looked more smooth and toned. After a few weeks the redness from my Rosacea was starting to subside and now, after only a few months it’s virtually unnoticeable. I’ve also found the softness and smoothness of my skin has really improved. I use Visage de Bebe Serum C on my face and neck, morning and night, followed by my regular moisturizer.
» Angela, Penticton, 30’s, Commercial Broker

Since moving to Calgary 6 years ago I’ve had problems keeping my skin feeling hydrated. After using Visage de Bebe Serum C twice daily my skin has never felt better and it looks great too! Thanks for introducing this wonderful product to me, I now can’t live without it!
» Amber, 30’s, Calgary

I was looking for a product that could ‘brighten’ my skin… Serum C does the job – you can feel your skin tingle as it goes to work. My skin feels fresh and the glow shows!
» Kelly, Calgary, 40’s, Radio Mom

I have been using Visage de Bebe Serum C both day and night for 60 days now. The more I use it the more I see great changes in my skin. Initially I noticed the texture of my skin improving and the appearance of fine lines diminishing. Then with time, the changes I had been noticing was apparent to my close friends and my husband. I love VdeB Serum C and look forward to using it.
» Shelley, Edmonton, 40’s, National Sales Manager

I was introduced to Visage de Bebe in the early part of 2011. I love how it evens out my skin; it has reduced discoloration and small age spots that were starting. I noticed a changes immediately (within the first couple of weeks), but after using it now for over 6 months the results are amazing. I am often mistaken for being in my early 30’s.
» Coleen, Seattle, 40’s, Director of Strategic Accounts

I have been using this product for about 4 months and love it! My skin feels supple, and not as dry. I feel as though it’s tone is more even and less splotchy. It goes on smoothly and sinks right in, and leaves my skin feeling moist (a tough thing to do in a climate such as Calgary)!
» Mindy, Calgary, 40’s

I LOVE the vitamin C serum! I am a 45 year old mother with 2 young children unfortunately taking care of my body and skin seems to have gone by the wayside. When I first tried the serum I was amazed and how fantastic it felt on my face – like a big drink of water on a hot day. I could feel my face saying thank you! I love how healthy my skin now looks and I especially love all of the compliments I get.
» Michelle, Penticton, 40’s

Visage de Bebe Serum C – it is like no other serum I have used and believe me I have tried them all!! My skin is supple & radiant and has a youthful glow. I have also been applying it to my neck and décolleté and have really noticed a difference. It is worth adding to one’s routine!
» Elizabeth, Toronto, 40’s

I’m a woman who has been fighting the affects of very dry skin for years I have been thrilled with the results of using Visage de Bebe Serum C. My skin feels fresh, alive and moisturized and my wrinkles are visibly less noticeable!! I am happily spreading the word to all my friends about how wonderful this product is!!!
» Tracy, Cobourg, 50’s

Since using Visage de Bebe Serum C I’ve noticed a more even tone to my skin with less redness. Since I don’t wear a lot of make-up I need my skin to look as even as possible. My esthetician has even mentioned how amazing my skin looks. In the summers we live in a very dry climate and the Serum C keeps my skin hydrated all day long.
» Sally, Penticton, 70’s